Sponsorship – TEDxULM

TEDx events are licensed through TED. However, TEDx events are independently organized without their supervision or financial assistance. TEDxULM is a non-profit event, fueled purely by the passion, hard work, and dedication of its organizers.

In order for us, the TEDx organizers, to host a quality event, we are in need of your support!

Why Sponsor?

A unique audience gives you the opportunity to place your brand in front of an audience of influential thought leaders from Monroe and surrounding communities. Put your business in the spotlight by having your product/service/institution’s presence at the event. The main event will have an audience of 100 people. We will also cover another 100 students through a live webcast viewing party. Your organization can take full advantage of this opportunity by providing eye catching, professional signs, marketing materials, and product displays that draw attendees to you.

Get your brand noticed. This event will help get your brand noticed by people from different communities in the region. Your logo will be exhibited on our website and other promotional materials. We will also put your organization’s logo on the gift bags, tickets, and other items available at our event to leverage your sponsorship and get brand recognition.

Big Potential. A thought-provoking TEDx talk can reach thousands of views on YouTube. This gives you chance to place your brand logo in a viral talk seen by thousands of people.

A new platform for business. Not only the attendees, but also your fellow sponsors and vendors can be your potential clients and customers. You can form new business partnerships at the event and meet like-minded business professionals in complementary fields.

Test your ideas for the future. You can give the attendees a taste of your business by providing samples or demonstrations at a booth in our reception area.

Be a part of something meaningful. Join the global TEDx community by sponsoring our event. It will help you establish goodwill for your brand and show the community that you are a partner that supports local innovation.